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Terms and Conditions

ALL our seeds sourced from the best and most reputable seed banks globally. Should you wish to germinate in a legal manner, we will be unable to guarantee the successful germination or growth of your purchased seeds.

There are plenty variables that come into play when germinating seeds. Growing cannabis is an ART and is not that easy. We advise that you join PKS partner group THE SOUTH AFRICAN CANNABIS AND HEMP GROWERS SOCIETY (SACHGS) on GUIDANCE and on HOW to LEARN and GROW the most awesome Cannabis and Hemp. This platform is for YOU to LEARN and ENJOY!

While bad seeds do exist in nature and will occasionally be found in packs, there are a number of potential causes for seeds not germinating or not growing as expected. In vast majority of cases this is due to variables in the germination process or the growing environment.

The process of germination can be tricky, and even experienced growers can fall victim to failed germination due to human error. Everything from temperature and humidity through to the pH of the water can influence the success of a germination.

In addition to that, the medium used in the early stages of growth, along with watering habits, container drainage etc all play a part in the viability of achieving a healthy plant. These are elements that differ between growers and in many cases are done incorrectly.

It is impossible for us to make guarantees on seeds when all these variables are at play, as we cannot cover the potential human error involved in both germination and growth.

If we encounter a case where multiple customers experience the same issue with a particular genetic, we will evaluate that situation and deal with it accordingly in order to correct the situation. Our GOAL is to give our customers the BEST PRODUCT and QUALITY SERVICE. 

Thank you – PKS Team

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