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We are happy to present Baba-G by Christiania Seedbank, a feminized Sativa dominant hybrid very resinous and balanced.

It is a cross between the African Sativa IBL landrace genetic line and Afghan 00 F1, combining the best of both Sativa and pure Indica worlds to create a balanced and powerful variety.

Baba-G, a hybrid with African landrace and Afghan inheritance

Baba-G develops vigorously acquiring a compact Sativa structure with a well-branched and slender pyramidal shape, reaching a maximum height of 2m.

This plant adapts well to pruning and trimming, also SOG cultivation and it copes well with all types of substrates.

It has two phenotypes that are rather similar (one is more compact than the other), with a maturation of about 60 days in both cases, a yield of up to 600g per m2 in an indoor grow tent and up to 450g per plant when cultivated outdoors.

Baba-G, strawberry chewing gum aroma with a stimulating and pleasant effect

It produces swollen and hairy buds, markedly Sativa, transforming all its branches into large long colas loaded with flowers completely coated with shiny and very aromatic resin crystals.

Its delivers a stimulating, cerebral and creative effect while relaxing at the body level being, the perfect grass for everyday life or for chatting with friends.

It has a sweet and fruity flavour with strawberry candy notes that are intensified when consumed with a cannabis vaporiser.

Christiania Seedbank Baba-G info:

Type: Feminized cannabis seed

Genetics: Landrace African Sativa IBL x Afghani 00 F1

Sativa Indica hybrid

Indoor flowering: 8-9 weeks

Outdoor flowering: Early February

Indoor yield: up to 600g per m2

Outdoor yield: up to 450g per plant


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